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We at FazWaz Insights are here to facilitate and bridge the knowledge gap to make sure you have the tools and data to make informed decisions from the latest and most up to date source of data on the market.
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FazWaz Insights Features


Interest explores user search to take a deeper look at what consumers are viewing online when undertaking their property search.
  • Search Trends
  • Search Demographics
  • Search Density


Inventory is the current supply on the market. Inventory also looks at what properties have come to the market.
  • Market Saturation
  • Market Supply
  • Supply Trends

Project Explorer

The Project explorer allow you to look at which projects are popular and how much traction they are generating in the market.


Demand focuses on user engagement and interactions with properties on the website plus buyer motivations.
  • Buyer Motivations
  • Buyer Demographics
  • Market Demand


Transactions summarizes property sales and provides a breakdown of what is being purchased.
  • Inventory Lifecycle
  • Transaction Trends
  • Market Conversions
How FW Insights Helps
From developers to consumers, FW Insights wants to provide market data that can help all parties make smarter and faster decisions when either:
  • Concepting a new development
  • Purchasing a home
  • Or, just doing market analysis
The FazWaz Insights is here to guide you through the complexities of data in a simple and digestible format right at your fingertips.
Real time data:
No more waiting each month or each quarter for you market insights, with FazWaz you can explore markets trends anywhere at anytime.
We have made the data easy to understand whilst giving you the freedom to explore data that is specific to your search with our range of filters.
As a user you want to know what you are looking at is real and not manipulated by companies promoting paying customers coercing the data. FazWaz is a free to list platform with strict regulations making the data impartial and clean.
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